Federal And State Officials Collaborate On Marijuana Standardization Proposals At National Conference

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Federal, state and local officials convened for a national conference this week where members discussed and advanced proposals to establish standards for marijuana products that could later be formally adopted into a federal handbook. Two committees of the National Conference on Weights and Measures (NCWM) had cannabis-related items on the agenda. If any of them are ultimately approved at a subsequent meeting this summer, they would be incorporated into federal guidance from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). NCWM’s Laws and Regulations Committee discussed proposals to establish a definition for cannabis and cannabis-containing products, develop a policy for the water activity range for marijuana and standardize packaging and labeling requirements. Those first two items did move forward and achieve voting status, meaning that NCWM members will have the opportunity to adopt them into the NIST handbook when they convene again in July. The latter proposal, which specifically concerned creating a national standard for the weight of packages that contain marijuana, did not advance to voting status during this interim meeting and will continue to be considered in the future. NCWM’s Specifications and Tolerances Committee, meanwhile, presented a proposal to develop “scale suitability requirements” for the direct sale of bulk marijuana to dispensaries in legal states. That one is still being workshopped, however, and it too will be reworked at later sessions. “As states legalize sales of cannabis in its various forms, the need has arisen for uniform standards for scale suitability,” the justification section of that proposal says. “Uniform requirements from one state to the next, will strengthen each jurisdiction’s ability to effectively regulate the industry in a fair and equitable manner. Uniform standards also provide industry with expectations regardless of the jurisdiction, reducing potential conflict or confusion.” The purpose of this week’s interim meeting was to consider…

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Source : Federal And State Officials Collaborate On Marijuana Standardization Proposals At National Conference

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