Washington Cannabis Bills to Watch in 2022


With a new year, comes a new legislative session, which started on January 10, 2022 here in Washington state. In Washington, we have short sessions (60 days) in even-numbered years and longer sessions (105 days) in odd-numbered years, so in 2022 there will be a short session. This post examines five cannabis-related bills that we are keeping an eye on. This is a non-exhaustive list, as nineteen bills relating to cannabis are being considered by the state legislature, as reported by Cannabis.Observer. It’s unclear whether any of these bills will actually become laws, but these are some of the Washington cannabis bills to watch in 2022. HB 1667 - “Concerning ownership of cannabis-related businesses.” The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board requires that any person who owns, manages, or is entitled to a share of the profits from a licensed marijuana business be a resident of the state of Washington. In addition, the license must be issued in the names of the natural persons who own the licenses. HB 1667 would change that. Only natural persons with more than ten percent ownership of the license would need to be on the license, or if there is no person with more than ten percent, then the person with the largest ownership interest must be named on the license. All individuals holding less than ten percent would need to be disclosed to the WSLCB. In addition, a non-resident could own more than ten percent of a licensed business, so long as the WSLCB can investigate that person the same way they would investigate a state resident. The WSLCB would also need to come up with an application designed for entities applying to own a marijuana license. HB 1668 and companion bill SB 5547- “Expanding regulatory authority over cannabinoids that may be impairing and providing for enhanced product safety and…

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