Everything you need to know about the Vessel Helix


Vessel, a company known for its electronic vapes, has expanded to the dry herb market with its Helix one-hitter. Crafted as a functional piece of art, it’s a stylish brass piece featuring multiple design elements that take the one-hitter into the 21st century. What is the Helix? The Helix is a luxury one-hitter made with four pieces of brass that screw together. The innovative design aspect is the helix-shaped interior coil that serves to lengthen the path of the smoke, effectively cooling it down before it reaches the mouth and throat. The compact but hefty piece is striking in gunmetal gray with an etched gold tip that is reminiscent of ancient Egyptian opulance, adding a touch of luxury and flair. The piece is designed to be broken-in with use, like seasoning a cast iron pan: the more you use it the better it works. The natural residue build-up functions as a filter for loose particles, avoiding the classic one-hitter experience of inhaling a mouthful of ash — sometimes burning ash. How to use the Helix Ground material works best, packed not too tight nor too loose. Using ground cannabis allows a lighter touch with a flame, accompanied by a gentle inhale, opposed to sucking in so hard that the flame burns your lips like the one-hitters of yesteryear. The internal helix design produces an exceptionally cool hit considering the compact length, and after it’s been used regularly, no loose particles should escape. Cleaning When the Helix needs a reset cleaning, each component unscrews easily and can be soaked in isopropyl alcohol and rock salt in a bag and shaken up — just like you would a regular pipe. The salt works like an exfoliant to remove build-up, and you can use a pipe cleaner to get in the grooves for…

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