Everything you need to know about the updated Zeus Arc GT dry herb vaporizer


Zeus Arsenal is a vaporizer brand producing palm-sized, dry flower vaporizers — the Zeus Arc GT and the Zeus Arc GTS respectively — with an assortment of hyper-specific accessories, including an ice bath for cooler draws, aluminum pods for pre-loading hits, and a dose-specific dry herb grinder that looks like a cross between a pepper mill and a plastic flashlight. German engineering of the automotive variety is a key element of the Zeus Arsenal brand, so these devices may fly under the radar of those indifferent to exhaustive vehicular comparisons and car puns, especially in regards to the brand’s pocket vapes. However, one glance under the hood of the new Zeus Arc GT model, and it’s clear that this device’s appeal lies in more than its supercharged chassis; both its chamber and its vapor path are made with real gold. What is the Zeus Arc GT? The Zeus Arc GT is a handheld, dry herb vaporizer with both a dry herb chamber and a vapor path that are made with gold — “GT” stands for Goldsink Technology. These specific gold features are what set the Zeus apart from other vaporizers that may occupy similar shelf space. Functionally, the Zeus Arc GT is both ergonomic and intuitive. The package fits squarely on the palm, is easy to load and unload, and requires minimum setup for deliciously toasted draws, one half gram at a time. Additionally, the new Zeus Arc GT’s price point is slightly more budget-friendly than similar models. How does the Zeus Arc GT work? Once it’s charged, users need only perform a minimum of steps before they’re ready to consume. First, in order to access the heating chamber, you must remove the silicone mouthpiece from the body of the device. The mouthpiece pulls away from the device with relative…

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