Everything you need to know about the AUXO Cira


Any basic, straightforward search for “cannabis vaporizer” reveals a market crowded with relatively similar, sometimes awesome, and sometimes ill-conceived devices. Maybe rainbow LEDs, solid gold air paths, or candy-colored collaborations set them apart from their shelf mates, but in today’s marketplace, new ways to consume cannabis appear so frequently that it can be hard to keep up — especially when it comes to new interpretations of the contemporary e-rig or electric dab rig. The majority of electric dab rigs are handheld, battery-powered units that effectively vaporize concentrates at low, medium, and high temperatures. For the most part, these devices are made up of a percolator, a ceramic or quartz heating element, and a battery users can recharge with a micro USB. Auxo’s Cira falls in line with this majority, and for some very unique reasons, stands out as well. Whether you’re shopping for, or have just invested in one of your own, here’s everything you need to know about Auxo Cira. What is the Auxo Cira? Auxo is the brand and the Cira is its flagship vaporizer. The Cira functions similarly to commensurate vaporizers; a unique, macaroni-shaped water chamber and bell-jar housing fit snugly atop a titanium or quartz nail (or bowl for the uninitiated), which punctuates the top of the Cira’s narrow, rectangular body. On one side, a digital monitor displays temperature readings from a patent-pending heating wire with a range of 450° – 1000°. How Does the Auxo Cira Work? Right out of the box, the Cira is mostly intuitive as far as assembly and ease of use goes. The uncommon shapes of the glass, the housing, and the charging arrangement only need a moment of consideration before the device is ready to load. The directions themselves are laid out in a simple, triple folded one-sheet, not unlike…

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