How to Clean your Weed Grinder


Quick test – open your cannabis grinder. How does it look? Spotlessly clean, hopefully. No? Well then. Shame on you. Get that grinder cleaned out this instant because your lung health is paramount. What’s that? You don’t know how to clean your grinder? Well, you’ve come to the right place because we do. Pull up a seat, and we’ll talk you through the why, the when, and the how of cleaning out your weed grinder, and your lungs will thank you for it. New year, new you, right? Start with a clean grinder! Types of Grinder Grinders usually come in the form of metal devices or plastic/acrylic types, and there are different protocols for cleaning each. Metal grinders are naturally more durable, so they can withstand a deeper clean than their lighter, plastic counterparts. Herb grinders usually always comprise a lid and a base, or a lid, a base to catch your ground-up flower, and a third compartment underneath to catch the precious kief that falls loose during the grinding of your buds. Why You Should Clean Your Cannabis Grinder Firstly, to protect your own health. Remember that those tasty buds you grind were once-living plant matter, and as such, that matter will decompose over time. That leads to bacteria, and bacteria can make you sick. Even worse – if you keep your stash and equipment in a warm, dark place, chances are you’ll get mould, and that can cause a multitude of health problems. Secondly, your grinder can get clogged up with old, dried chunks of weed, and that can cause a problem with the efficiency of your grinder’s ability to break up buds. If you’ve ever tried to grind some bud and found it didn’t break up nicely, you may have blamed the bud – but it’s easily…

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