Germany – Federal Justice Minister Sets Out Some Parameters For Recreational Cannabis Sales


Radio EINS reports If you want to sell cannabis for pleasure, you have to prove knowledge of the drug and the associated risks, according to Federal Justice Minister Marco Buschmann (FDP). The goal agreed by the SPD, Greens and FDP in the coalition agreement is clear: “It should be legally possible for adults to buy cannabis in licensed shops,” said the Minister of the German Press Agency. This could be pharmacies, for example, “but we may also continue to draw the circle”. A prerequisite could be “the necessary expertise on the part of the sales staff”. This would enable the salespeople to “provide information about the products and counteract risky cannabis use, especially in the case of recognizable addicts”. The managing director of the still young cannabis industry association, Jürgen Neumeyer, also spoke out in favor of staff training as a prerequisite for a sales license. He said that anyone who does not want the black market must ensure that the way to the next licensed sales point is not too far, even in rural areas. When asked when the controlled dispensing of luxury foods can be expected to begin, Buschmann replied: “The Federal Ministry of Health is in charge of changes to the Narcotics Act. And everyone can see at the moment that the ministry and the new minister, Karl Lauterbach, now have all their hands to do with fighting the pandemic. “ For him, as Minister of Justice, it is clear: “If there are shops that are legally allowed to sell cannabis, then there must also be producers who are allowed to grow and sell it legally”. Possession must then also be legal for adults up to a maximum limit to be stipulated in the law. And cannabis will be “subject to some form of taxation, like other consumer products”. There will certainly continue to…

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Source : Germany – Federal Justice Minister Sets Out Some Parameters For Recreational Cannabis Sales

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