Global Coalition Launches Push To Reschedule Psilocybin Under International Rules

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A new global coalition announced a new campaign on Tuesday to get psilocybin mushrooms internationally rescheduled. As the psychedelics reform movement continues to expand domestically in the U.S., the International Therapeutic Psilocybin Rescheduling Initiative (ITPRI) is seeking a worldwide policy change in order to facilitate research into the therapeutic potential of the substance. Partners of the coalition include the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS), Beckley Foundation, Mind Medicine Australia, Drug Science and Open Foundation. The initiative focuses on international drug scheduling under the United Nations’s 1971 Convention on Psychotropic Substances, which currently places psilocybin in the most tightly restricted, Schedule I category, which is supposed to be reserved for drugs  that constitute “an especially serious risk” and have “limited” therapeutic uses. Advocates say that psilocybin fits neither of those criteria. Global coalition launches initiative to reschedule psilocybin under UN Convention on Psychotropic Substances. Proud to acknowledge partners & advisory board @MAPS @RickDoblin @BeckleyResearch @Drug_Science @MindMedicineAU @ACNIERIKA @OPEN_fndn @b_neuro @ScottLeckie @WKScholten — (ITPRI) (@ItpriOrg) January 11, 2022 Schedule I drugs like psilocybin are “subject to strict limits on their scientific and medical use,” the coalition said in a press release. “Schedule I licensing, safe custody, security, manufacturing, quantity, and import/export restrictions result in a level of regulatory control and oversight that is drastically more onerous than for the Convention’s other three schedules.” Consequently, researchers interested in studying the controlled substance “face numerous regulatory hurdles which add significantly to the cost, complexity, and duration of research and can negatively impact ethical approvals, funding and collaboration.” To reschedule psilocybin under international policy, the coalition says as a first step it will be engaging with member nations who are part of the treaty to initiate a formal review of the benefits and risks of the psychedelic. Only one country would need…

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Source : Global Coalition Launches Push To Reschedule Psilocybin Under International Rules

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