Why and When to Lollypop Cannabis


The internet is a buzz with a variety of different ways to grow and train your plants, either to try and get bigger yields, grow specifically sized buds or just to completely fill the canopy. Some people like to make interesting plant shapes too, such is the joy of growing cannabis. Today we’re going to look at lollypop cannabis growing. It’s basic pruning method lollypopping, which everyone can take advantage of to help direct more energy into the most valuable parts of the plant in the flowering stage. It’s simply removing undesirable growth on the low parts of branches, so you end up with fat, chunky flowers and no hairy whispy flowers at the bottom. How to Get Started If you’ve topped your plants in the vegetative stage, you will most likely have some lateral side branching, resulting in more potential flowering tops and a more even canopy. Down each of these branches are several internodes. At least half of them at the lower end will not get the light they need to grow into buds worth trimming up at the end – we call these light, airy buds “larf” or “popcorn”. These crop parts are OK if you are keen on getting a secondary hash or oil yield from your hard work and if you’re not too worried about dropping your usable flower yield. But remember, anything left on the light lacking parts of the plant is going to steal growing power away from those bigger buds at the top, which won’t get to reach their full potenŧial in the way they would have these lower parts been removed.  So that’s what we need to do. But how do we know which ones are the right ones to leave on and which ones to snip off?  Lollypopping Cannabis Best Practice…

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