A Portrait of One of Medical Cannabis’s Last Holdouts


<![CDATA[Her 17-year-old son looked like he was dying.Angie Calhoun could hardly bear to watch her only child, Austin Calhoun, go from active and happy to bedridden and miserable, as he began experiencing focal seizures, severe joint pain, and chronic nausea and vomiting. The debilitating medical conditions took their toll, as Austin, unable to keep any food down, rapidly lost 40 pounds from his adolescent frame. As the pain progressed, weakening his body and spirit, Austin’s health deteriorated to the point where he no longer wanted to move. “He had stopped playing tennis,” Angie said. “He didn’t feel like going out with friends anymore. That was one thing where my husband and I were like, ‘Something is really wrong with Austin.’ He is not going out, and he was one of those who enjoyed going out. He’s a social butterfly. But it just stopped, and he just felt so bad that he laid on the couch or in the bed and slept, and slept, and slept.”In addition to sports and friends, Austin, who turns 26 this month, also enjoyed being outdoors hunting and fishing. But those activities came to a halt too, as did his schooling. During his senior year of high school, Austin said he attended maybe four days of classes. “It was kind of heartbreaking just having to lay there in the bed and call friends on the phone, because that was the most interaction I could have,” he said. “You know, they would come see me from time to time, but it’s not like I could get out and we’d go do stuff like we used to. It’s just kind of one of those situations where it was like being alive but not alive at the same time, where you just kind of lived in existence.”Search for a…

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Source : A Portrait of One of Medical Cannabis’s Last Holdouts

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