Blood and Saliva Tests Don’t Indicate How Stoned You Are


A recent study has cast doubt over the reliability of roadside THC impairment testing. According to the data, blood and saliva testing for THC impairment are ineffective and inconsistent. In line with another study done by the US National Institute of Justice last year. The study, published in Neuroscience & Biobehavioural Reviews, was carried out to accurately determine THC intoxication levels to measure impairment in motorists and how they drove. The findings may impact drug-driving laws worldwide. The Purpose of The Study The study was conducted by the University of Sydney’s Lambert Initiative for Cannabinoid Therapeutics. Their mission is “to conduct the high-quality research required to discover, develop and optimise safe and effective cannabinoid therapeutics in Australia and beyond”. The team analysed all available studies involving the consumption of inhaled or ingested forms of cannabis (smoking, edibles, and more), then characterised the relationship between driving performance (reaction times and attention span) and blood/saliva concentrations of THC. Current detection methods used by law enforcement are similar to the tests that have been used for decades to determine alcohol intoxication. Can THC Be Detected By Roadside Testing? The Lambert Initiative’s Dr Danielle McCartney stated, “Higher blood THC concentrations were only weakly associated with increased impairment in occasional cannabis users, while no significant relationship was detected in regular cannabis users. This suggests that blood and oral fluid THC concentrations are relatively poor indicators of cannabis THC-induced impairment.” The study also found that how ‘high’ or ‘stoned’ individuals felt within themselves was an equally poor indicator of genuine impairment and should not be used to measure one’s ability to drive. In addition, a window of impairment was identified as between three and ten hours, and that duration of the impairment is determined by not only the dose of THC but also means of consumption (smoked/vaporised…

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Source : Blood and Saliva Tests Don’t Indicate How Stoned You Are

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