UK… The Israelis & The Yanks Are Coming


We mentioned before Christmas that there were whispers Cookies might be coming to the UK . BusinessCann now confirm.. INTERCURE, which calls itself the ‘most profitable and fastest growing’ cannabis company outside of North America, is poised to open a number of cannabis shops on UK high streets.  The Israeli firm has set its sights on London as it prepares for a European expansion with US giant Cookies, with plans to open both stores and medical cannabis pharmacies in the UK and Austria early next year.  The roll out, which is expected to represent the UK’s first dedicated physical medical cannabis pharmacies, comes as Intercure targets expansion into territories it believes will follow the same regulatory route as Israel.  Not only does its CEO Alexander Rabinovitch believe that wherever medical cannabis has been legalised recreational use will surely follow, but he says Intercure provides proof that cannabis companies can turn a profit in territories with the tightest regulations.  Read more at.

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Source : UK… The Israelis & The Yanks Are Coming

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