Workers Are Quitting En Masse in the ‘Great Resignation,’ but Cannabis Industry Hiring Remains as Strong as Ever


<![CDATA[On the homepage of the New York Times earlier this week: “More Workers Quit Than Ever as U.S. Job Openings Remain Near Record.” The news story cites U.S. Department of Labor survey results published Jan. 4 that set the ongoing economic tension in stark relief. Even as inflation rises, workers are leaving behind jobs at astonishing numbers and for myriad reasons—chief among them stagnant wages.The cannabis industry, which clocked around $26 billion in sales in 2021, may not be entirely immune from the trend, but it’s certainly a bit protected by virtue of its rapid expansion across the U.S. and its sky-high ceiling for growth in the otherwise uncertain years to come. Early last year, Leafly released a formal jobs report that found at least 321,000 full-time equivalent jobs in the industry—and that number was expected to grow steadily.David Belsky, CEO of recruitment firm FlowerHire, says that cannabis finds itself in an interesting position as an industry with no real (legal) history of employment. It’s a regulated space that’s emerged from advocacy efforts and political headwinds in the past 10 or so years, and its growth now demands new workers from a variety of backgrounds—including horticulture, certainly, but also financial management, retail, interior design, corporate communications, insurance and so on.A lot of service-based industries, like hospitality, have faced a sudden demand crunch amid the pandemic. Elsewhere, consumer-packaged goods and the light industrial space are facing a supply crunch.“I think there are a lot of contributing factors to the great resignation,” Belsky says. “I think it’s a real thing. I just don’t think it’s as relevant for cannabis.”According to FlowerHire’s research, 80% of the demand for work in the cannabis space is materializing outside of California, painting a picture that newer markets on the East Coast or in the Midwest, for instance, are…

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Source : Workers Are Quitting En Masse in the ‘Great Resignation,’ but Cannabis Industry Hiring Remains as Strong as Ever

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