The strains and products that made Weekenders

Loved by its fans for its balanced products and low-THC flower options, Weekenders has become a staple on a West Coast scene that’s otherwise dominated by astronomical THC percentages. Along with 3:1 THC:CBD pre-rolls and low-potency 1:1 blends, the company has started offering classic, full-THC strains without folding to the usually false notion of the “bigger the better” mentality when it comes to THC.  Recently, I spoke with Jesse Hicks, one of the four founders of Weekenders, and chatted about the significance of outdoor-grown, low-potency products in a mostly indoor-grown, high-potency world. Weekenders’ origin story Relatively new to the cannabis scene, Weekenders was founded by a group of spirited people in 2019 in Santa Rosa. At the time, they saw a serious lack of balanced products on the market, “I love cannabis, but I was noticing, as well as the other founders, that there was this race to potency,” said Hicks, “So instead, we wanted to create something for ourselves, something that was really nice and enjoyable and, you know, got you high, but was intentional — you could ease into it, was a little bit more approachable, a little bit more shareable.”  Thus, Weekenders was born.  And along with that desire to bring low-potency products to a high-potency, saturated market, they all felt passionate about growing the company’s cannabis in organic soil fueled by the sun. To achieve this, they partnered with Humboldt-based Redwood Valley Farms, a small-batch artisanal cannabis grow with respect for sustainable farming practices, like the Korean natural farming method, which uses bokashi and fermented plant juices to promote nutrient recycling. The farm is headed by grower Jay Kidd.  “We really believe in high quality, sun-grown flower that has a lower environmental impact and is sustainable … I don’t want to talk shit about indoor flower…

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Source : The strains and products that made Weekenders

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