5 Lighting Trends to Watch


<![CDATA[As the cannabis industry enters a new year, there are lessons to be drawn from yesteryear and trends to monitor in 2022. As detailed in Cannabis Business Times’ 2021 State of the Cannabis Lighting Market report, one key trend is the industry’s adaptation to new lighting technologies and practices in efforts to maximize yield and minimize costs. More research findings and cannabis lighting trends to keep an eye on include:1. LED lighting most popular across all cultivation stagesThe cannabis industry’s adoption of light-emitting diode (LED) lights continued in 2021. The majority of research participants (69%) reported using LED lighting in propagation—up 48 percentage points from 2016’s report. Meanwhile, 62% of participants reported using LED lights in vegetation (up 45 percentage points from 2016) and flowering (up 47 percentage points from 2016). These massive shifts illustrate a more holistic view of the industry’s technological adoption over the years.However, high-pressure sodium (HPS) and fluorescent lights still hold their place in the market. HPS lights are most common in flowering (37%), while 22% of research participants indicated using HPS in propagation, and 18% in vegetation.Fluorescent lights were the second-most popular lighting fixtures in propagation (33%) and vegetation (26%). Only 8% of participants use fluorescent lighting in flowering.2. Cost of LEDs remains a barrier to entryWhile a number of cultivators have implemented LED lighting, the cost of the technology often isn’t a fit for every operation.© Cannabis Business Times When asked, “What is preventing your operation from introducing LED lights in the flower cycle within the next 12 months?”, the most common answer was “challenges in securing funding/capital for LED lighting,” as cited by 33% of respondents. Other top challenges follow the same theme, with 27% of respondents saying “payback/ROI is too long” and 20% saying “LED lights cost too much to install.”With that said,…

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