Psilocybin Alpha Publish Their “Psychedelic Drug Policy Reform in 2021 A Year in Review”


Here is their introduction.. it is also worth checking their legislation tracker and interactive maps Introduction While this Review focuses on 2021, it’s difficult to contextualise the levels of psychedelic drug policy reform witnessed this year without appreciating the gravitas of events in late 2020. 2020 was a groundbreaking year for psychedelics decriminalisation and legalisation efforts, with the U.S. leading the pack with significant activity at both the local and state level. The twin successes of Oregon’s Measure 109 and Washington, D.C.’s Initiative 81, to create legal access to psilocybin-assisted therapy and to decriminalise psychedelics, respectively, propelled psychedelics decriminalisation and legalisation efforts to the mainstream. Here at Psilocybin Alpha, our readership increased in quantity and diversity almost overnight following these successes at the ballot box. In response to these initiatives we were now being contacted by—and seeing subscribers from—journalists of all stripes; entrepreneurs looking to launch biotechs or retreats; investment banks looking to keep tabs on the emerging industry; therapists hoping to offer this new modality as part of their practice; and more. We also observed psychedelic companies, and their executives, scramble to find a line and toe it. Many chose to publicly celebrate Oregon’s Measure 109, with Field Trip’ Ronan Levy exclaiming, “what an incredible accomplishment,” when discussing the results with Psilocybin Alpha. Other executives have been more hesitant to condone the Measure, while others still have been accused of drumming up opposition to the measure. As individuals and companies try to find their feet in this rapidly changing legal and public opinion landscape, the pace of drug policy reform efforts has not slowed in 2021. The aforementioned Initiative 81 came into effect in D.C., with psychedelics de facto decriminalised, and Oregon Psilocybin Services, housed within the Oregon Health Authority, is making progress toward implementing Measure 109 through the two-year development…

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Source : Psilocybin Alpha Publish Their “Psychedelic Drug Policy Reform in 2021 A Year in Review”

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