Maximize Grow Yields With Fohse Light Science

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Light science plays a critical role in indoor cannabis cultivation. Since their introduction, light emitting diodes (LEDs) have gone through something of a transformation. In the early days of LEDs being used for cannabis cultivation, light manufacturers pushed existing LED technology onto growers without researching plant needs or grower interests. Unfortunately, the fixtures lacked the necessary power that light-hungry cannabis plants need, leaving cultivators with less-than-optimal yields.  Major advancements have been made in cannabis light science, and LEDs are widely regarded as the preferred lighting choice for two main reasons: LEDs are more efficient, and therefore more economical.LEDs have a higher light intensity, and they can also control the lighting spectrum, enabling growers to manage the light cycle of their plants.  Fohse, a Las Vegas-based LED company, is paving the way in this sector, setting new standards for what LEDs can do for cannabis growers. Constantly driving to increase productivity and profitability for their clients, Fohse designs and manufactures superior LEDs that lead to unparalleled cost savings and exceptional crop quality, while also reducing their carbon footprint. How Light Science Works PHOTO: FACILITY: Green Life Productions Fohse’s range of innovative lighting solutions mimics the sun’s light spectrum with built-in adjustable levels. Cultivation techniques may differ from grower to grower, such as preferences for nutrients, grow material or specific cultivars. The one parameter that remains absolute is the way light impacts plant growth and development. Delivering optimum photon energy to the plant while using as little external energy as possible is the ultimate goal for indoor lighting systems. In the highly competitive market of indoor cannabis cultivation, growers have two options: Use cheap, underpowered fixtures that will deliver the bare minimum or use premium, high-intensity, high-powered fixtures that will deliver the ultimate yields. Which route will you take? Fohse Delivers Efficient, High-Powered Solutions …

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