MJ Biz & MJ Biz Con Sell To Pizza Expo Specialists For Cool $120 Million ..


Here’s the announcement We presume the F&B at their expos will now move up a notch ! This morning, we happily announced that MJBiz – including  MJBizCon – has been acquired by Emerald X. Emerald is a major B2B event organizer in the U.S. They also put on shows like Outdoor Retailer, International Pizza Expo and ASD Market Week. Here’s what that means for MJBizCon. In short, even MJBiz CEO Chris Walsh is happy. Is MJBizCon changing?  Nope. Emerald likes MJBizCon as much as we do. We still can’t wait to connect in November at MJBizCon. We’ve just added Emerald’s deep bench, experience and imagination. Picture a properly fertilized flower; it’s not a different thing, just bolder, stronger, more of itself. Consider the acquisition fertigation. We’re getting all tingly just thinking about it. Do I need to do anything about my booth, my ads or other relationship with MJBiz?  Nope. It’s steady as she goes. If you are just worried, reach out to sales@mjbizdaily.com or partnerships@mjbizdaily.com, and we can reassure you. What about my staff connections at MJBiz? Are you all fired?  Nope. We are all here. Your favorite reporters, sales reps and, yes, CEO Chris Walsh all are continuing on. In fact, the only one stepping away – of her own accord – is founding co-partner Cassandra Farrington. She’ll help through the transition and then dedicate time to her new role as chair of the Society of Independent Show Organizers (SISO). Once a hustler, always a hustler. What’s the business angle?  Having just celebrated its 10th anniversary, MJBizCon is growing up – thanks to you. It’ll do better with the kinds of processes and systems a bigger company can provide. Plus, this deal is like others we’ve been seeing in cannabis. The mainstream is ready to invest, and, like many of you, we are ready to level up. It’s like we’re all on the same hike, friends. See you along the trail.

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