Survey: Many programmers consume cannabis while working for a creative boost

A new study fresh out of the University of Michigan suggests that over a third of software programmers have consumed cannabis during working hours. According to the university’s researchers, cannabis can enhance creativity and transport programmers – based on their own assertions – into the “programming zone.” Titled, “Hashing It Out: A Survey of Programmers’ Cannabis Usage, Perception, and Motivation,” the research was published last month in Cornell University’s arXiv. Prior to the study’s execution, anecdotal evidence demonstrated the increased likelihood of workplace cannabis consumption among programmers. This intrigued the researchers, who then proceeded to carry out the “first large-scale survey” on the subject, To gather their results, University of Michigan researchers asked 803 developers to describe in detail how the federally illegal green plant plays a role in their daily jobs. Additionally, the study explored frequency of consumption among individuals who said they’ve used cannabis during an engineering task. One of the study’s major influences was previous reports of “hiring shortages for certain jobs” which, researchers stated, was likely attributed to strict workplace drug testing policies. “This prohibition of cannabis use in software engineering has contributed to a widely-reported hiring shortage for certain US government programming jobs,” the study says. 35 percent of surveyed programmers have tried cannabis during their tasks Of those who partook in this survey of programmers who use cannabis during working hours, 35 percent admitted to having “tried cannabis while programming or completing another software engineering-related task.” What’s more, the majority (73 percent) of that group claimed that their experience happened within the past year. Conversely, 53 percent said they had consumed the plant no less than 12 times while programming, whereas 27 percent said they had consumed cannabis at least twice on a weekly basis and just four percent openly divulged their almost-daily workplace…

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Source : Survey: Many programmers consume cannabis while working for a creative boost

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