Should You Filter Your Joints?


Depending on your personal, you can choose to smoke (or inhale) weed through a bong or a vape pen, consume edibles or lather your skin with full cannabis extract, a type of oil or concentrate. Sometimes though, nothing beats a joint. Which raises another question. To roach, or not to roach. And it’s a question that continues to divide among casual smokers and cannasseurs alike. The act of filtering a cannabis joint is an absolute necessity to some and sacrilege to others. But should it come down to personal preference, or are there stronger pros and cons to the argument than that? A joint filter (a.k.a. a crutch, and in some places, a roach – although others argue the roach is merely the mouthpiece end of an unfiltered spliff) can make a big difference to your smoking experience, but purists argue filtering isn’t necessary. While some may worry that certain filters filter out tiny molecules, such as THC or CBD, this depends on the type of joint tips used. Let’s look at why you might want to put filters at the end of the paper. Filtering Your Joint is Less Harmful If you don’t filter your joints, you will get a much harsher inhale. You’re dealing with a burning object here, and when the smoke hits your lungs, chances are they’ll protest loudly. You’ve seen movies where someone takes a hit and immediately hacks that hard cough – you’ve probably even experienced it yourself. It’s unpleasant and kicks you deep in the chest. If you filter your joints, that harshness is immediately reduced – and you want to give your lungs and you don’t filter your joints and smoke it raw, you get a much harsher inhale. You’re dealing with a burning object here, and when the smoke hits your…

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