Kentucky Democratic Leaders Say Medical Marijuana Legalization Will Be Top 2022 Legislative Priority

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Kentucky Democratic leaders announced on Monday that legalizing medical marijuana is one of their top priorities for the upcoming 2022 legislative session. At a press briefing, party leaders from the House and Senate laid out their goals for the new year, highlighting cannabis reform as one of several major issues for the year in a list that also includes expanding healthcare, voting access, legalizing sports betting and universal pre-k education. “Another thing enjoys widespread support among Kentuckians—and is just long overdue—is commonsense cannabis laws,” Senate Minority Leader Morgan McGarvey (D) said. “We must go ahead and get medical marijuana passed in Kentucky this session.” Watch the leader talk about medical cannabis reform in the video below, around 8:25 into the video below:  The senator said lawmakers are reading to work with the governor in “making sure that Kentucky has a great medical cannabis law for its people.” He later said that, between federal funding and the state’s budget surplus, Kentucky has the ability to accomplish a number of priorities, including joining other states that “have medical marijuana that can provide additional revenue to the Commonwealth.” “That’s why we’re pushing forward these priorities because we think not only can it pass, it should pass,” McGarvey said. “We want Kentucky to continue going on the right track.” Last month, Gov. Andy Beshear (D) said medical marijuana is “the future,” and part of that future should involve letting farmers grow cannabis to sell to other states. He also expressed openness to broader legislation that would allow adults 21 and older to grow and possess cannabis without having a medical reason for it. “This is the future. It’s where things are going,” he said of medical marijuana. “It’s time we joined so many other states in doing the right thing.” Beshear, who called on…

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