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‘I cured cancer. Knowing what I know now, I can’t be quiet’ | Mackay Daily Mercury

b881197885z1 20180203074243 000g99v5uh62 0WITHOUT chemotherapy or radiation, Shona Leigh survived cancer and she knows something she refuses to keep quiet about.

“I cured cancer. Knowing what I know now, I can’t be quiet,” she said. “This is huge.”

After avoiding regular pap smears in her younger years, Shona discovered she had second stage cervical cancer in October 2013.

“I was online, screaming for help, and a compassionate carer reached out,” she said.

That’s when Shona was introduced to the medical benefits of cannabis oil.

The carer provided ongoing support and education around the stigma of cannabis, as well as supplied the oil for her.

Every six weeks and she would have a blood test to monitor the cancer.

Eight months later in September 2014 she received clean results, which she puts down to using “oil supplied freely”.

However, after having a fallout with her supplier and coming off the cannabis oil treatment, large lumps “the size of my fist” started to appear in her left breast within four months.

She eventually found another supplier and “within two weeks of her sending me a coconut oil infusion those lumps were gone”.

“The realisation was that the only way I was going to get a reliable source for this was to do it myself,” she said.

Shona now makes cannabis oil to heal cancer, balms and a spray for pain, such as arthritis.

She said she had touched over 50 lives so far in helping heal their cancer journey, something she believes more people would use if the stigma of cannabis was removed.

“I’m a criminal because of what I do. I don’t want to live like this,” she said.

“I’ve seen this save lives and in the face of what I know, I can no longer be quiet.

“There’s other people out there that have got such strong results. You need to hear their stories. That’s why I’ve brought the Nanna’s here.”

Shona is referring to ‘The CannaNannaS’, “an education and awareness tour” being held by Nanna’s for the second time this weekend, February 3-4, at the Finch Hatton showgrounds.

“The majority of people that come to me (to heal cancer) are pensioners in their 60s,” she said.

She said her mother-in-law, 67, had recently found out she had cancer and had chosen to heal with oil only.

Shona said she was extremely proud of her mother in law’s decision to heal herself using natural oils and wants more people to be aware of the benefits.

One Nation’s Stephen Andrews will be opening the event.

CannaNannaS are a satellite group of the Medical Cannabis Users Association (MCUA) whose Facebook group has grown to well over 16,000 Australian members since it started in June 2014, making it the biggest patient advocacy group in Australia pushing for changes to the laws surrounding cannabis use.

Deb Lynch said the first CannaNanna event held in Tugun at the Gold Coast last year and was a huge success.

The CannaNannaS, Deb Lynch and Gail Hester (MCUA); Belinda Dooner from Women in Hemp and Karen Burge from the Ubuntu Wellness Centre, are long-term campaigners who say patients are not getting the access to legal cannabis products they were promised.

With just over 350 patients using legal cannabis products since the change to the Narcotics Act was made in 2016, the NannaS say this must change.

“Our program I aimed at raising awareness and educating – it is packed with great speakers, demonstrations and taste testing of hemp based foods,” Ms Lynch said.

“There is a movie under the stars on Saturday night and participants will hear testimonials from people who have had major success where conventional medicine has failed them.

“Networking will be big on the agenda as well. Participants will learn how good health can be restored.”


Source: ‘I cured cancer. Knowing what I know now, I can’t be quiet’ | Mackay Daily Mercury

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