42% Of New York Municipalities Ban Cannabis Retail


That figure seems about right in terms of comparison with both California & NJ amongst others when the numbers were initially tallied on municipalities opting out in those states. The pendulum will swing back over a period of 18 months following regulation. A quick guestimate on our part sees things balancing out over a 3 year period of around 70% in favor and 30% not once certain municipalities and counties see that A) the sky hasn’t fallen in,  in pro-cannabis municipalities. and B) There’s money in them thar hills! Marijuana Retail Report writes The deadline for New York municipalities to opt out of allowing cannabis business operations ended on December 31 with 642 towns, villages, and cities choosing to bar dispensaries and 733 opting out of consumption lounges, according to Rockefeller Institute of Government data. Some of the communities chose to opt out before the deadline in order to develop their own rules and regulations before opting back in since once a community opts in it cannot opt back out. About 900 municipalities declined to make a “yes” or “no” decision by the deadline, which automatically opts them in – the state has more than 1,500 towns, villages, and cities. The opt-out rate for dispensary operations in the state is about 42% with the opt-out rate for on-site consumption at about 48%. Comparatively, the opt-out rate for the industry in neighboring New Jersey is about 70%. The highest opt-out rate in the state is Putnam County where about 78% of communities chose to opt out of dispensaries with 88% rejecting on-site consumption.   Introducing the Marijuana Opt-Out Tracker By Heather Trela The end of the year brings a looming deadline for municipalities in New York State. When the Marijuana Regulation & Taxation Act (MRTA) legalized adult-use/recreational marijuana earlier this year, one of its provisions permitted towns, cities,…

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Source : 42% Of New York Municipalities Ban Cannabis Retail

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