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Britain Is Developing A Weed Cafe Culture Under The Radar


“Somewhere around the corner, a stereo makes ‘Killing Me Softly’ by Frank Sinatra travel to your eardrums and you find yourself immersed in the atmosphere.

They say Marijuana is not a drug, marijuana is a herb of wisdom. Smoking marijuana is a way to philosophize, so you can reach enlightenment.”

What you just read above is not the opening plot of any pot smoker loving Hollywood movie, but a slow-motion picture of a developing cafe weed culture in Britain. If you are in Britain, in the near future then do not get surprised to find an outlet of a popular brand, on a busy high street, where there is a café where you can buy cannabis and then sit, chill and smoke it.

You realize marijuana is the keyword here and legalization is the debate trending these days?

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So a cluster of thick fumes escapes from the tips of countless lit joints quickly dissipating and escaping through a solitary ventilation shaft. The windows are blacked out and kept shut as well. All this makes it a place where a cross-section of young adults can meet and bond over common concerns.

What’s happening here is, by-the-book, wrong – but it shouldn’t be. Cannabis café culture won’t remain underground in the UK forever. Now in Uruguay, you can smoke anywhere. Many of the states and provinces in the US and Canada are legalizing at some pace. In Holland and Jamaica, it’s been cool for a while too. It is like a wave that’s just on a low tide right now.

imm 3 1516541450Though the place from where all this is imported has remained unknown yet cannabis farms have recently been discovered in Darlington and Liverpool. The weed is probably imported from Holland and the hash from the Middle East.

This is what one of the customers has to say about this growing weed cafe culture in Britain, “Since buying stuff on the street or even from dealers who visit your house can be risky and stressful. I drop into the café occasionally because it’s way safer than picking up off the street for many reasons. Usually, street dealers overcharge and try to upsell you on coke or stronger stuff.”

He further adds, “Even with someone good you can’t be guaranteed you’ll get the good stuff. I find a lot of them give you good, high-quality bags when you haven’t bought in a while, then they give you crap after that. Here, though, you’re occasionally given a big discount for being a regular customer. Plus, a bottle of beer is £2. You can’t go wrong.” Doesn’t that give you one more reason to visit a cafe than contacting someone on streets?

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Durham Police recently announced that they have no interest in pursuing low-level cannabis offenders. Sometimes these cafes have to move to a newer location on the complaints of constantly dissipating fumes filed by the neighbors.

If the above said happens, then you may find a note stapled to the door saying: “Premises upstairs is closed. Please don’t come back. It’s being monitored by the police”. Then people text the contact number they had from before, get the address for the new spot around the corner and head off.

Source: Britain Is Developing A Weed Cafe Culture Under The Radar

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