Booster Teas For Cannabis Growth


Are you growing with organic nutrients, or have you built your own soil mix and mainly feed water only? You may want to look at these two recipes to brew your soil a nice booster tea. No, we haven’t lost the plot or gone down the hippy rabbit hole – your plants will absolutely thank you for it.  What Your Cannabis Plants Need Plants require different N-P-K ratios during the veg and bloom cycles. Overloading the plant with nitrogen when it is in the flowering stage isn’t going to help you yield lots of tasty flowers, and giving too little in veg will stunt your growth, and you will produce very little. So we need to strike the correct balances at different stages of the growth cycle. Potassium and phosphorus are necessary for making flowering sites and fruiting. The Benefits of Booster Teas When we make these plant/soil teas, we use aerobic stimulation to activate the microbes and catalyse the fermentation process before our ingredients enter the soil. We could just mix it up in the water or sprinkle the ingredients on top and water them in – but this would be a much slower availability for the plant’s roots to access. We want to deliver readily available compounds to the roots. So, taking this in mind, you will want to get an air pump, air line, and a bubble stone in your grow room arsenal.  As with all tea, you will need some kind of bag to act as a strainer to keep the bulk of the sediment out of the solution. You can use a pair of old tights or a sock if you want to keep it on a budget – or you can buy a specific bag for it that has a mesh size designed to…

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