Are these European countries next to legalize cannabis?

Some exciting news swept across the cannabis industry on December 14 — Malta officially legalized recreational cannabis. The move meant that Malta made history as the first country in Europe to approve adult-use cannabis legalization. Soon after, it was reported that Germany is keen to follow in Malta’s footsteps. On Tuesday, December 28, the country’s coalition government confirmed that it was preparing to allow “the controlled sale of cannabis to adults for recreational purposes in licensed shops.” Although it is hard to bet the next European country that will legalize recreational cannabis in 2022, there are some likely movers to keep a close eye on: Luxembourg In October, Luxembourg’s government announced that adults will be allowed to grow up to four plants in their gardens or homes. The relaxed rules apply to people aged 18 and over. However, the law will not take effect until the country’s legislative body gives the measure a thumb’s up. Industry experts attribute delays to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Meanwhile, the Luxembourg government polished its draft bill, which is expected to be enacted at some point this year. Switzerland Switzerland clarified its plans to legalize cannabis cultivation this past October. Based on the proposed legal framework, cannabis cultivation, consumption, production and trade will be legalized at some point during 2022. Meanwhile, Switzerland’s largest city, Zurich, is the chosen location for a three-year scientific pilot project that will commence in Fall 2022. Italy Although previous attempts to legalize cannabis in Italy via legislative initiatives have been widely unsuccessful, the country’s activists successfully organized a referendum in 2021 – which is being safeguarded from interruption by the coalition government – to eliminate penalties for cannabis possession and decriminalize domestic cannabis cultivation by updating various articles of narcotics law. Should the ballot process progress, citizens will be invited…

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