Weed in Sydney


Weed in Sydney

Sydney is the capital of the New South Wales state in Australia, and also the most populous city. The city is a perfect spot for tourists, it has a great all around climate, beaches and all the amenities of a large metropolis. Australia is one of the countries with the highest prevalence of cannabis use, despite the fact that it remains illegal. Here is our guide to marijuana in Sydney.


Cannabis laws in Australia

Cannabis is illegal in Australia however, the laws are not very strict when it comes to personal use and possession. The laws are different from state to state, but in general if you are caught with a few grams of weed on you, you will not get in serious trouble. You might expect a fine ore simply be written up. Selling and growing is illegal and you might get into more serious trouble. Trafficking is severely punished, with large quantities often leading to life imprisonment.

In recent years there has been a push towards cannabis legislation. Medicinal marijuana is legal in most of the Australian states. There have also been a lot of talks about the legalization of recreational marijuana, similarly to some of the states in the US.


Where to get weed in Sydney

Weed is very socially accepted in Sydney. If you do not any locals do not be shy to ask around and sooner or later you should be able to get the phone number of a dealer. In Sydney it is common for for the locals to buy weed through delivery services, where you call the dealer and he delivers the weed to your address.

If you are desperate and cannot find any phone numbers you might consider trying out Kings Cross. Kings Cross is a bit of a shady neighborhood  where you have street dealers. The quality of the weed there is usually lower than the ones you can expect from a dealer that delivers weed.

The price of cannabis is slightly higher than in Europe or the US. You can expect to pay 20 Australian dollars, or about 13 euros for a gram of weed.

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