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Mike Tyson Marijuana Ranch Will Be A “Cannabis Resort” | Fortune

Mike Tyson, whose career has spanned from world heavyweight champion to actor to pop culture icon, is adding another title: Marijuana kingpin.

The man once known as Iron Mike could soon be known as Stoned Mike as he has broken ground on a 40-acre ranch in California that aims to be a “cannabis resort” for growers and enthusiasts of the drug.

Located in the Mojave Desert, some 110 miles north of Los Angeles and just a stone’s throw from Edwards Air Force base, Tyson Ranch will set aside 20 acres for marijuana cultivation by “master growers” to develop new strains, reports The Blast. It also plans to offer an “edibles factory,” an amphitheater and an upscale campground.

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Tyson has been a cannabis advocate for years and is a big proponent of using cannabidiol (or CBD), which has the same non-hallucinogenic properties as marijuana, to help veterans who suffer from PTSD.

Tyson’s not the only person looking to make a marijuana-themed destination for enthusiasts. Lat year, American Green bought the town of Nipton, CA, transforming the ghost town into a marijuana tourist destination, with plans to also use it as a production hub for cannabis-based products – including CBD-infused water. The company says it plans to spend $2.5 million by early 2019 to build out the town.

Tyson has not yet announced a scheduled opening date for Tyson Ranch.

Source: Mike Tyson Marijuana Ranch Will Be A “Cannabis Resort” | Fortune

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