Hundreds Of New York Municipalities Will Allow Marijuana Businesses As Opt-Out Deadline Passes

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With the passage of Friday’s deadline for New York municipalities to opt out of allowing marijuana retailers and consumption sites in their jurisdictions, hundreds of cities, towns and villages across the state will allow cannabis businesses to operate. However, there are still a significant number of areas where cannabis commerce won’t be immediately permitted, with one list from the Rockefeller Institute counting 642 dispensary opt-outs and 733 consumption site opt-outs as of Sunday. But while the institute’s dashboard is regularly updated, it notes that it “does not represent real-time, official information on municipalities’ opt-out decisions.” ….information from municipalities will still continue to trickle in over the next few weeks, so my watch is not over yet. The @RockefellerInst will continue to update the marijuana opt out tracker as needed. — Heather Trela (@HeatherTrela) December 31, 2021 Municipalities that don’t proactively move to ban the businesses on at least a temporary basis will default to an indefinite opt-in. To that end, itt’s important to note that the numbers on opt-outs doesn’t necessarily reflect a local government’s position on marijuana legalization overall. As in New Jersey, where a majority of cities have initially chosen not to permit retailers following the reform implementation, some New York municipalities have simply decided to opt-out for now ahead of the deadline so that they have more time to prepare and craft local rules. It’s also the case that while dispensaries and social consumption sites can be locally banned in New York, other cannabis business license types are exempt from the opt-out option, including cultivators and delivery services. Because the implementation process to allow retailers has been drawn out, one GOP senator said he wanted to give local jurisdictions another year to decide whether they will opt out of allowing marijuana businesses to operate in their…

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Source : Hundreds Of New York Municipalities Will Allow Marijuana Businesses As Opt-Out Deadline Passes

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