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7 Ways To Blaze Without A Pipe Or Papers · High Times

7 ways to blaze without a pipe or papers 1

Ever find yourself with weed but no way to smoke it? Maybe you broke your pipe last week and you’re out of papers. If you’re not mobile or its too late at night, you might not be able to get to any place that sells either one. Not to worry, there are still several ways to blaze without a pipe or papers. The following methods can all be done at home without ever having to step outside or make a purchase.

Gravity Bong

7 ways to blaze without a pipe or papers 11

If you’re really trying to get blazed, a gravity bong will get you higher than you would with a pipe or papers. We recommend making one when you’ve got a bunch of friends over and want to get as high as can be.

How To: Grab any 2-liter bottle or giant plastic jug. Cut a hole somewhere at the bottom. Carve a hole in the cap and insert a bowl made of aluminum foil.

Fill the bowl with weed and keep the cap aside. Keeping your finger over the hole at the bottom of the bottle, fill it all with water.

Once the bottle is full, put the cap back on. Holding the bong over a sink, bathtub or somewhere outside you can let go of the hole and let the water spill.

Light the bowl as soon as you let go and the water will slowly be replaced with thick clouds of weed smoke.

You can also make a gravity bong by cutting the 2-liter bottle in half and putting it into a bucket of water. Just light the bowl as you push down into the water and the top half of the bottle will fill with smoke. Remove the cap and there will be enough smoke in there to share with some friends.

Hot Knife

7 Ways To Blaze Without A Pipe Or Papers

Before there were fancy dab rigs with carb caps and all that jazz the only way to enjoy concentrates without a pipe or papers was with a hot knife.

How To: If you torch or heat the end of a knife long enough, it will be hot enough to produce a vapor or smoke when you put weed’s resin glands against it.

Once you get it red, you can wait a couple of seconds then drop the dab while hovering over the knife to inhale whatever comes out. This is the best way to utilize your cannabis concentrates when there’s no dab rig or vape pen available.

If you’re going to use the hot knife technique, we recommend making a dome for it at home. Just get a small bottle of soda and cut the bottom half out and toss it away.

The top half makes it easier to trap the vapors that quickly rise up and away from the knife after you touch concentrates to it.


7 Ways To Blaze Without A Pipe Or Papers

One of the best ways to blaze without a pipe or papers is edibles. One of the easiest edibles to make is a firecracker. It’s pretty much the most popular edible recipe besides the weed brownie.

Weed won’t get you high unless it has been heated enough to decarboxylate. Some people just add their already vaped bud to peanut butter, eat that and get high.

How To: To make firecrackers you’ll need crackers, peanut butter and weed. You can replace the peanut butter with Nutella if you want. Start by preheating your oven to about 220 degrees.

Grind your weed up, spread it on a tray and put it into the oven for about an hour and a half. Make sure the temperature never gets high enough to release any vapors.

Once you have your decarboxylated weed you can mix it with the peanut butter. Make sure there’s at least a half gram for each cracker you plan to bake.

Spread an even amount onto each cracker, add another cracker on top and then wrap your cracker in aluminum foil. Put it in the oven at 250 degrees for an additional twenty to thirty minutes.

Smoke The Whole Nug

7 Ways To Blaze Without A Pipe Or Papers

There are many ways to blaze without a pipe or papers. In fact, for this method, the only thing you’ll need is some weed and a lighter. If you’ve got some whole nugs sitting around you can just smoke one whole. You won’t be able to do it with just any nug though. Dried buds won’t work and you’ll want something decent in size. Not a popcorn nug, shake or trim.

How To: If you’re wondering how to smoke a whole nug with no papers and no bowl, watch this video by Bud Grower on Youtube. He just grabs a small cone-shaped nug by the stem and holds a flame to the tip.

Eventually, the nug will stay lit and you can start to join it by puffing at the end with the stem.

You just need a hole for a mouthpiece at the end of the nug that you aren’t lighting. Poke one if simply inhaling from the ass end of a nug doesn’t work once it’s sparked.

Organic Materials

7 Ways To Blaze Without A Pipe Or Papers

If you only need to use it once or twice and you don’t feel comfortable using anything with plastic or metals, go with something more organic. Fruits and vegetables offer several different ways to blaze without a pipe or papers.

How To: Depending on which fruit you choose, you can easily make a bowl, steamroller or bong. Apples make pretty sweet pipes, carrots are easy to turn into steamrollers and watermelons can be turned into water pipes.

Apple Pipe

To make an apple pipe, just use something skinny and solid like a pen to carve a hole through the top about halfway into the core. Then, use the same tool to poke another hole through the side to make a mouthpiece. Pack the top with weed, light it and inhale out of the side. Enjoy the smooth and sweetened flavor of your smoke.

Carrot Steamroller

Carrot steamrollers are easy. Get a screwdriver and poke a hole at the center of the carrot from one end to the other. From the top, carve a “push” to pack weed into closer to one side. Pack the push or bowl and put your mouth on the side furthest from it. Use your finger to cover the other hole and you can light the bowl.

Once you feel like you’ve inhaled enough smoke at once, release your finger to have the steamroller shoot all the smoke into your lungs at once.

Watermelon Bong

Making a watermelon bong is a bit more work than the other organic materials but the hits will be smoother because of the water filtration.

You’ll need to hollow out the inside of the watermelon and add water. Then, poke a diagonal hole into the side of it for a downstem and bowl. Carve a hole through the top large enough to pour water in but not big enough that you can’t wrap your lips around it.

Hollow Out A Cig

7 Ways To Blaze Without A Pipe Or Papers

If you or someone that lives with you is a cigarette smoker, one of the easiest ways to blaze without a pipe or papers is repurposing a cig. With some weed, you can turn a cigarette from deadly to healthy.

How To: Take the cigarette and hollow out all of the tobacco without causing any tears in the paper. We recommend using tweezers. If you’re not into spliffs make sure you get all of the tobacco out before moving on to the next step.

Then, simply fill the empty tube with weed and you’ll have an inconspicuous way to toke up. People will smell it but when they see the cigarette in your hand they may be confused as to where it is coming from.


Bottle Pipe

7 Ways To Blaze Without A Pipe Or Papers

Plastic bottles and aluminum foil have been the go-to for beginners or anyone looking for ways to blaze without a pipe or papers. You can also put some aluminum on a pen cap to make a bowl for a homemade bottle pipe or bong.

You can just make an aluminum foil bowl on top of any bottle or can and poke a hole at the bottom for a mouthpiece. Poke another hole on the side for a carb and smoke away.

If you really want to feel a lot from a little, a bong rip is the way to go. If you want to take things to the next level, make one of the 2-liter gravity bongs we mentioned above. For a smoother high, a smaller individual sized soda bottle will work.

There are aluminum and plastics involved so we wouldn’t recommend using a bottle bong for long. If you wanna keep things clean, toss the bottle out after a session.

You can also pack small one-hitter bowl packs of aluminum foil and toss them out after each hit.

How To: Use a pen to stab a diagonal hole into the bottom half of your bottle. Put a hollow pen cap in the hole and add some aluminum foil to the tip of a bowl.

Unscrew the cap to leave a mouthpiece for you at the top. Then you can just pack the bowl, light it and inhale from the top to get a stacked hit of smoke that’s been cooled with water.

Final Hit: Ways To Blaze Without A Pipe Or Papers

Don’t panic when your insomnia’s keeping you up and there’s no pipe or papers to smoke your weed out of. There’s another way. As a matter of fact, we just showed you seven unorthodox ways to blaze without a pipe or papers. None of these are permanent solutions. You’ll want to hit the bodega for a wrap or the gas station for a pipe at some point.

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