The Art of the Modern Cannabis Party

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We are so darn lucky. And sometimes we forget how lucky we are, especially in cannabis-legal communities. But why are we so darn lucky? Because most of us in America can enjoy this fine herb much more than we could even a few years ago. We can enjoy weed pretty much out in the open, on street corners and on Instagram Live, and we can do so (mostly) with impunity. It seems like old hat to some of us, sure, but the freedom with which we enjoy cannabis still stuns our elders. Of course, we owe these newfound freedoms to the activists who fought for decades on our — and the plant’s — behalf. They fought so we could possess and consume marijuana without fear of imprisonment. They fought for a more honest understanding of this infinitely complex medicinal plant. And to a lesser extent, they fought for our right to party with our preferred substance of choice. Thanks to their hard work, our present day includes a whole new way to entertain: the post-prohibition, consumption-friendly cannabis party. Weed has long been a staple at many of the world’s best parties, but to have cannabis join the mix of legal substances served at events changes things for dinner parties, casual happy hours and Super Bowl celebrations alike. And like any other substance, marijuana brings its own traditions and rituals along for the ride. So it makes sense that throwing a successful cannabis party is quite different than hosting a cocktail party or a beer-paired dinner — something I’ve learned in my years of producing cannabis events of all types and sizes via my agency Grasslands. My colleagues and I have produced expansive cannabis industry mixers for 800-plus guests, and we’ve thrown intimate dinner parties for eight. But regardless of the…

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