What to do When Involved in a Case of Drunk Driving


Not too long ago, I had to appear in court for a DUI. And while I wished the entire episode never happened, I’m glad there was no casualty involved. Only my wrecked car and my reputation took a beating when I had to appear in court and was given community service and had to pay for the damages which cost me nearly a year’s pay. Thanks to family members who came to my rescue and my lawyer who was experienced enough to present my case to the court and help me avoid a jail term. But this is not to say that it is entirely safe to drink and drive. And if you do this occasionally, I beg you to stop as you could be putting yourself and others at risk.   A Case of Drunk Driving It is simple don’t drink and drive or don’t get in front of the wheel when drunk. But as I’ve come to know it is easier said than done. With many road accidents known to be a result of drunk driving, it could be wise to enforce stiffer punishments for culprits. It is a common scene to find drivers pulled over by cops and subjected to a sobriety test. And not until I fell victim, I always thought that anyone pulled over to the side of the road needed to have their license seized and vehicle impounded. But as I have come to learn, anyone can fall victim. Driving home from a party or hanging out with friends after a few drinks could largely impair your vision and alertness. A lot of people have lost their lives as a result of drunk driving and this could have easily been avoided if the drivers chose to take a cab home instead. While I’m not…

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