What Does Next Year Have In Store For Cannabis?


2022 looks set to be the year that the green wave finally hits Europe, with a number of EU countries preparing to legalise pot. Over in the US, meanwhile, all eyes will be on the mid-term ballot papers, which are sure to include legalisation measures in several more states. Whether or not any change occurs at the federal level is difficult to predict at this stage, but overall, 2022 looks like being another good year for cannabis. Related Post Germany Is About To Legalise Cannabis Legal Cannabis In Europe In 2022 Despite being the smallest country in the European Union, Malta has won the race to become the first EU nation to legalise weed for recreational use. At the time of writing, the ink from the presidential signature has barely dried and the new law has yet to come into force, but when it does, it’s going to bring in some big changes. In addition to allowing for possession, use and cultivation, the new bill will permit the establishment of cannabis clubs in 2022. Instead of buying their weed from a dispensary, therefore, Maltese adults will be able to join non-profit co-operatives, which will be authorised to supply each member with up to seven grams of bud per day. It’s a bit like what’s going on in Spain, minus all the legal ambiguity. Another European minnow, Luxembourg is also expected to legalise cannabis in 2022. Ministers unveiled the new legislation a few months ago, and the country’s parliament is due to vote on the issue in the new year. With strong support for legalisation among politicians and the general public, the deal is thought to be very much in the bag. In Italy, meanwhile, a referendum on legalising cannabis is highly likely to take place, after the 500,000 signatures necessary…

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