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Mum claims cannabis oil has helped her daughter, 9, ‘become alive’ for the first time 

Mum claims cannabis oil has helped her daughter, 9, 'become alive' for the first time

A nine-year-old girl who suffers from 19 chronic illnesses has become a ‘whole different person’ since she started taking cannabis, her mum said. Katrina Spraggon replaced daughter Kaitlyn’s cocktail of medication with cannabis oil – and says the impact has been remarkable.

Before she began taking the oil, Kaitlyn was bed-ridden and unresponsive, but it has turned her life around, and she has even laughed for the first time ever. The family from Queensland, Australia even made her a marijuana-themed ninth birthday cake as they credit the drug with changing her life. Katrina, 35, said: ‘The first time I tried cannabis oil on my daughter, I witnessed a remarkable difference in just two days.

‘Kaitlyn just became alive. It was absolutely incredible. She was responding and alert. Her seizures reduced dramatically. ‘She began interacting with me in ways she never did before and she was able to play with her brothers and sister.’

The former childcare worker now buys full extract oil from drug dealers and has begun growing her own marijuana plants. But she said she ‘would prefer to break the law’ to allow her daughter to live a fuller life. The mum-of-four said: ‘Before cannabis oil, Kaitlyn would stare blankly into space and wouldn’t respond to anyone. Katrina now grows her own cannabis plants (Picture: Caters) ‘I’d never even heard her laugh before and hearing it was the most beautiful sound in the world – she had only ever given me a little smile. ‘It has changed her life dramatically and my only regret is not starting it sooner.’

Kaityln is brain damaged and suffers from illnesses including cerebral palsy, refractory epilepsy and severe scoliosis. Her mum says there are virtually no side effects, other than Kaitlyn becoming a little more hungry and thirsty than usual. Katrina added: ‘I can go for a shower or take the bins out and not have to worry that she’s going to die while I’m gone. The youngster even had a marijuana-themed birthday cake

‘It is a matter of life and death and I will never stop giving my child her medicine. ‘I feel like I finally have my daughter and I will do anything to keep her alive.’





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