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A Guide to Cannabis Distillates

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Get near The Clear.

“Civilization begins with distillation.”  

Or so said classic American author William Faulkner years ago. The legendary drinker was referring to distilled alcohol, of course, and as his quote notes, distillation has existed since ancient India and Roman Egypt first distilled liquor and water. But in the 21st century, the time-tested tradition of the distillation process has inevitably been modified to become part of cannabis concentrate development—and may represent the coming future of legal pot, especially when it comes to large-scale production.

When the trade name of a cannabis concentrate, of all things, is dubbed “The Clear,” it can have quite a reputation to live up to—and the cannabis concentrate distillation represents just that; the cutting-edge of cannabinoid extraction, where innovation and new ideas continue to push the envelope by developing end-products that provide everything a user desires, from purity to potency.

You’ve likely already tried THC or CBD distillate products, especially if you live in a legal state. Perhaps you’ve purchased distillate in a syringe to be applied to a dab rig, or contained in a vape pen cartridge.

Distillates offer an obvious advantage when it comes to medicinal marijuana applications because of the considerable reduction of impurities in the finished product, as well as the purified oil being vaporized, so the patient isn’t subject to combustible smoke. 

Cannabis distillation is intriguing on various levels, as there are still ample opportunities for growth and advancement in this burgeoning sub-industry, ready to blossom into an entirely new approach to producing weed concentrates in a post-legalization world.  

Yet, there is also some controversy and unresolved misconceptions about distillates, which will also be addressed. 

All of these factors position cannabis distillation as a complex issue with numerous tangential topics, and in order to enhance the discussion, we spoke to a couple of “movers and bakers” in the cannabis distillation industry to provide insight and to counter some of the controversies. These were cultivation and extraction expert David Bonvillain, owner of Elite Cannabis Enterprises and Elite Botanicals in Loveland, Colorado, as well as Adam Lustigfounder of Higher Vision, creators of such powerful products as “Super Oil” (more on that in a later section).


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