Its finally happening in Greece too . Its the 1st International Cannabis Expo .
     The event will take place on 12-14 January 2018 in Athens  in the coastal area of Faliro in the Tae Kwon Do Stadium.

      Cannabis exhibitions are not something new in Europe and the rest of the world, , with a vast number of exhibitors from the scientific and commercial sector.

The visitors are attracted by the thousands with great interest in the exhibitors and thew wares.

      The main goal of the expo is to inform the visitors for all the products and the innovations that exist in the cannabis sector worldwide and also all the latest achievements as far as the medical, pharmaceutical and industrial use of cannabis are concerned. Of course the exhibition also provides many investment opportunities for whoever wants to be occupied with this subject due to the fact that there will be a great participation of foreign companies with many years experience in this sector.

     With a rich conferences program together with many film and documentary projections parallel to the main event, we will try to increase the awareness of the public on the advantages of cannabis and inform whoever is interested in all the possible ways of making the most out of it.




         Well to support the movement and to be part of history.  The Athens Cannabis Expo is taking place in Greece for the 1st time. This reason on its own is a great opportunity for discovering and gaining an overview of the continuously growing cannabis market and industry in the country.

        As long as cannabis is concerned, Greece is a completely new market and provides many business opportunities.

        Οn 30 June 2017, the Prime Minister announced the legalization of import and usage of medical cannabis in Greece.

It is also legal to cultivate cannabis for industrial use in Greece.

       So if you are a trader you will have the chance to compare and discuss specific issues, features, prices and investment conditions. You can also evaluate your competitors and make new business strategic alliances and there would be an opportunity to make new business contacts.

      The 1st Athens Cannabis Expo should get enough media coverage so you should be prepared to promote your business through all the promotional channels such as social media, printed press, radio or nationwide TV stations.


          Cannabis use has a long documented history in Greece. Many cannabis enthusiasts will no doubt have read the oft-cited passages from Herodotus, written between 450 and 420 BCE, in which the historian documents cannabis use among the nomadic Scythian tribes that habitually traversed northern Greece and Asia Minor.

           Magic-in-Ancient-GreeceHemp rope dated to circa 200 BCE has been discovered in tombs in northern Greece, and it is believed that textiles for garment-making were also produced. Cannabis fibre was widely used in the manufacture of rope, sailcloth, and other textiles—in rope-making, cannabis was specifically used to make nautical ‘reefing ropes’ known in ancient Greek as kaloi.

           Ancient recreational use of cannabis appears to have been fairly limited, although some sources describe the seeds being occasionally used as an intoxicant (it appears that ‘seed’ in this case refers to the whole flowering tops). In around 460 BCE, the philosopher Democritus described a concoction known as potamaugis or potamasgis, which was a blend of wine, cannabis and myrrh that was said to cause hallucinatory, visionary states.

           In 70 CE, the physician Dioscorides recorded cannabis in his pharmacopoeia; it is thought that cannabis was extensively used in Greek medicine by this time. Cannabis leaf was commonly prescribed as a cure for nosebleeds, and the seeds were used to treat tapeworms, earache and inflammation.


  • Entrance is not allowed to persons under 18 years old without their parent’s presence.


  • Smoking is not allowed inside the expo halls.


  • Parking is free of charge with the presence of professional parking personnel.

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