2 Marijuana Mocktails to Celebrate New Year’s Eve

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Along with the cheer of the holiday season’s celebrations and get-togethers, there are of course countless opportunities to over indulge in all kinds of seasonal delights. Even while making resolutions of better self-care and healthier choices, it’s incredibly easy to be swept up in moments of making merry involving traditional cocktails and overdo it. We’ve provided recipes for two alternative ways to celebrate. The first is a sweet, tangy, good and good-for-you cannabis-infused shrub. Shrubs, or “drinking vinegars,” originally developed as a way to settle the stomach during the pre-refrigeration era, and have been coming back in popularity as a versatile, flavorful ingredient in craft cocktails that adds the natural health benefits of fermentation and vinegar. The second is a refreshing drink that draws in pomegranate, a tart and beautiful seasonal winter fruit. By drinking a mocktail made with a cannabis, you get the option of a very adult way to celebrate and get buzzed, without the guilt of ravaging your health and well-being that often accompanies consuming too much alcohol. Plus, no hangover! Just glorious, deep sleep. What a time to be alive! All things in moderation, as the saying goes. The shrub recipe is for very potent 25 mg of THC per serving, so if you’re planning on having quite a few, or prefer a lighter version, half the amount of cannabis for 12 1/2 mg of THC per drink, and so on. Take it slow, allowing at least an hour before consuming another drink, and pay attention to other variables such as what and how much you’ve eaten that day. Enjoy and cheers to a healthy 2018! Cranberry Rosemary Cannabis Shrub Inspired by a recipe by Becky Streipe for a sweet orange rosemary shrubMakes approximately 3 cups of infused liquid2 grams of 15% THC cannabis flower =…

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