Oregon: December 28, 2021 – Commission approves changes for cannabis industry


December 28, 2021   Commission approves changes for cannabis industry OLCC’s new rules take effect New Year’s Day Rollout of some hemp regulations staggered into 2023   PDF Version Portland, OR — In a special meeting on December 28, 2021 the Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission approved significant changes for regulating the legal marijuana industry and put in place standards for regulating hemp products sold in Oregon’s general marketplace. The changes in the recreational marijuana rules package reflect the cannabis industry’s rapid evolution and the blurring of distinctions between hemp and marijuana products. The legal cannabis industry worked with the OLCC during the last 18 months to develop the new rules which help streamline regulatory oversight of day-to-day business activities, scale back violations, expand consumer choices, and establish safeguards to prevent children from accessing hemp products containing THC. The new rules take effect January 1, 2022, but the implementation of some of the regulations will extend into 2023. “These rules try to balance a number of different concerns – consumer health and safety, interests of small and large operators in our industry, and public safety concerns around loopholes in the Federal Farm Bill of 2018, and the illicit farm production taking place in Oregon,” said Steve Marks, OLCC Executive Director. Two pieces of legislation, House Bill 3000 and Senate Bill 408, approved by the Oregon Legislature in 2021 drove several changes. HB 3000 established a framework for limiting THC-laden hemp products from being sold unregulated in Oregon. SB 408 provided the OLCC with an outline for re-structuring penalties for rule violations made by licensees. Some of the violation categories dated back to 2016, when Oregon first issued recreational marijuana licenses, and when federal intervention was a greater concern. When the new rules take effect, Oregon will be better aligned with other adult-use cannabis states, and be positioned…

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Source : Oregon: December 28, 2021 – Commission approves changes for cannabis industry

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