Israeli cannabis study holds promise for autism patients

Scientists from Tel Aviv University in Israel have just published a new report into the potential of using cannabis for autism. After testing cannabis products on autistic mice, researchers discovered that the rodents were more sociable and exhibited reduced obsessive behaviors. Autism is identified by three primary deficits: Diminished communication Compromised reciprocal social interaction Limited repetitive and stereotyped themes of behavior and/or interests. The study’s findings could further encourage more research initiatives into the plant’s suitability for treating developmental disabilities, like autism. Israeli researchers see potential in using both CBD and THC to treat autism Interestingly, this Israeli study on cannabis for autism thrust a lesser-discussed plant-derived compound into the limelight – tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Typically, autistic patients who self-medicate using cannabis will opt for a strain that is rich in the non-psychoactive compound cannabidiol (CBD).  However, the team of Tel Aviv University researchers found that CBD’s psychoactive cousin cannabinoid THC managed to deliver more promising results in autistic mice. CBD, on the other hand, mainly helped to control repetitive compulsive behavior in rodents. “Studies that are underway mostly don’t focus enough on the details of what it is in the cannabis that may be helping people,” said one of the study’s researchers, Shani Poleg, during an interview with The Times of Israel. “In our study, we looked at the details, and came up with surprising and interesting findings. THC was more effective. The main difference was that THC treatment also improved social behavior, not only repetitive compulsive behavior.”  Poleg went on to say that, although THC is renowned for making consumers drift into a state of mind-altering abyss, her and her team “observed significant improvement in behavioral tests following treatments with cannabis oil containing small amounts of THC.”  What’s more, during the cognitive and emotional tests that autistic patients participated…

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Source : Israeli cannabis study holds promise for autism patients

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