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Inside California’s Scramble Toward Legal Weed – Rolling Stone

h 14952398 1e950640 45df 4cdc 83b0 5dbab9c04e7fWhen Alex Zafrin and Rekka Nicholson decided to make marijuana-infused ice cream, they started off small. They bought a small, $30-something ice cream maker and began experimenting with processes and flavors at home. While they’d eventually make flavors like Coffee Pot, Vanilla Kush and Go Fudge Yourself, the learning curve was steep.

They made their share of mistakes – including a peanut butter and crispy maple bacon flavor that contained chunks of chewy meat and turned out to be “really awful,” Zafrin says – but after just three months, they finally found a balance. They found a company that could supply the THC oil, and landed themselves in 100 medical dispensaries across the state.

When Proposition 64 passed last November – which legalized adult-use recreational marijuana in the state as of January 1st, 2018 – Zafrin and Nicholson felt a mix of emotions. Like many in the cannabis sphere, they welcomed regulation in order to ensure quality and establish a system of checks and balances, but were concerned about overreach.

“When government gets involved with an industry, there are challenges,” says Zafrin. “Especially with something like this they tend to over-govern…a little bit.”


Source: Inside California’s Scramble Toward Legal Weed – Rolling Stone

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