How to open a cannabis dispensary in 2022


Opening a cannabis dispensary in the 2022 is not as easy as it seems. It requires a lot of knowledge and understanding about the cannabis industry. In this article, we have compiled a short checklist of do’s and don’ts for anyone who is looking to open a cannabis dispensary in 2020s. Note that this guide as written by a cannabis consultant in Ontario, Canada. This guide provides general information only and is not intended to be legal advice. In order to open a dispensary in 2022, you will need to have:(a) access to capital, (b) a clean background and (c) a suitable location you can use to sell your authorized cannabis products from. Be prepared to provide disclosure about your personal background – or the background of any person or entity that has “an interest” in your application. DO – Prepare your capital You will need to ensure you have a solid amount of capital in order to open a cannabis dispensary. If you are in Ontario, I tell clients that at the very least they should have access to at least $150,000 CAD in capital or else it may not be possible to pay for all the expenses you will incur. DO – Obtain the services of a cannabis consultant An experienced cannabis consultant can go a long way. When the cannabis consultant is also a pracising lawyer, they can provide legal advice. DON’T – lie, misstate, or omit any information from the disclosures that you are required to disclose to the regulator. If the regulator finds you have done so, it can be grounds to not issue a licence or suspend a licence already DON’T – Feel afraid to reach out to the regulator if you have anu questions or if you are seeking a status update on your file. These are…

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