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Cannabis-Infused Lotion Is Revolutionizing Massage Therapy | Colorado US

massageStephanie Agakian first discovered the benefits of cannabis-friendly massage second-hand, so to speak.

Agakian was working at two different studios at the time, one of which offered clients the option of getting a rubdown with CBD-infused lotion. At the end of a shift at that studio, Agakian’s arms “felt great”, whereas clocking out at the other studio always left her feeling “burned out and sore.” Not only that, but she noticed that the clients treated with CBD lotion seemed to experience more relaxation and greater pain relief than those treated with regular massage oils.“I realized the CBD lotion was good for everybody involved,”

Agakian told Civilized.Agakian introduced CBD-infused massage at her studio in Broomfield, Colorado, Bodhi Body Studios, about a year ago. Now, she estimates that clients opt for the CBD treatment over regular lotions “about 90 percent of the time.”“The lotion really kind of just penetrates [trouble areas] in the body and helps offer more pain relief than a regular lotion, which doesn’t have any real medical benefits to it and acts as more of a lubricant for the therapist,” said Agakian, adding that the CBD helps loosen clients’ muscles.

“My goal is obviously to have clients leave feeling as good as possible and this is just one of the ways I can accommodate them.”It’s a massage method that’s quickly gaining popularity across the country, said Agakian. She believes there’s a range of benefits to cannabis-friendly massage beyond more profound pain relief making it an increasingly attractive service coast to coast.“I think it’s a great way for people who can’t use medicinal marijuana because of their job or other reasons to still get some of the benefits of [cannabis] without having to fail a drug test,” said Agakian. “

I’m in the army, so I get drug tested all the time and have never had an issue.”It also serves as a good entry point into the cannabis world for those who may be on the fence about diving right in, added Agakian.“I’ve had a client who was a former police officer and she felt really guilty. It took her a while to warm up to the [CBD massage] … because she felt that smoking marijuana would make her a hypocrite,” said Agakian. “I think the [CBD massage] is a good stepping stone for people to see that [cannabis] isn’t going to destroy America.”  While her specialty happens to be treating pain in the head, neck, shoulders and back, Agakian said the cannabis-friendly treatment is suitable for “anybody with pain, chronic stress or just seeking relaxation.”

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