Top Pharmaceuticals Patients Will Replace with Cannabis


Research supports the potential to replace some pharmaceuticals  with cannabis. Modern-day medications have done much to advance and protect human health, but these are not without controversy. It’s true we are living longer than ever before thanks, in large part, to the achievements of modern medicine. Yet, there are serious detrimental side effects to many pharmaceuticals that keep patients looking for alternatives. This is especially true for people needing medicinal support over the long term. So, these are the drugs that we may one day replace with cannabis. Cannabis may replace certain prescription drugs, especially opioids, but research is playing catch-up. With limited governmental approval for access for research purposes and few human clinical trials, we’re a little behind the anecdotal reports. However, in several cross-sectional surveys (USA and Canada), the most common prescription drugs patients replace with cannabis are for pain, depression, and anxiety. Further, a 2021 survey [1]Sinikka L Kvamme, Michael M Pedersen, Kristine Romer Thomsen, Birgitte Thylstrup. Exploring the Use of Cannabis as a Substitute for Prescription Drugs in a Convenience Sample. Harm Reduction Journal … Continue reading jQuery(‘#footnote_plugin_tooltip_14986_2_1’).tooltip({ tip: ‘#footnote_plugin_tooltip_text_14986_2_1’, tipClass: ‘footnote_tooltip’, effect: ‘fade’, predelay: 0, fadeInSpeed: 200, delay: 400, fadeOutSpeed: 200, position: ‘top center’, relative: true, offset: [-7, 0], });of nearly 3000 people was published in Harm Reduction Journal, indicating that, “More than half (65.8%) found [cannabis] much more effective compared to prescription drugs, and 85.5% that the side effects associated with prescription drug use were much worse compared to use of [cannabis].” Finally, it is important to recognize that the long term impacts of using medical cannabis, including high THC products, is not known. Some studies suggest mental health consequences. Researchers and healthcare professionals are keeping an eye on these over time. Prescription Painkillers Replaced with Cannabis (Oxycontin, Tramadol) Medical cannabis has become a valuable intervention strategy…

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