New Hampshire Lawmakers File Psilocybin And Broader Drug Decriminalization Bills For 2022

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As New Hampshire lawmakers gear up to consider several marijuana legalization bills in the upcoming legislative session, other legislators are turning their attention to psychedelics and broader drug policy reforms. Bills to decriminalize psilocybin mushrooms and more widely reduce penalties for non-violent drug offenses have been pre-filed for the 2022 session. Under the psychedelic fungus proposal, sponsored by Rep. Tony Labranche (D) with a bipartisan list of cosponsors, adults who possess up to 12 grams of so-called magic mushrooms would be subject to a $100 fine, without the threat of jail time, for a first and second offense. “No person shall be subject to arrest for a violation of this section and shall be released provided the law enforcement officer does not have lawful grounds for arrest for a different offense,” the bill reads. There would be a $300 fine for subsequent offenses, but they could be waived if a person completes a substance misuse assessment. Labranche previewed the reform proposal earlier this year, telling Marijuana Moment that he feels substance use is a public health matter that “should not be a criminal justice issue.” Separately, Rep. Max Abramson (R) has pre-filed a broader measure that would repeal several state statutes relating to penalties for non-violent drug offenses. People found to be in possession of cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, LSD or PCP would face a fine of $40 per gram. Offenses “involving any other controlled drug” would be subject to a $20 fine per gram. — Marijuana Moment is already tracking more than 1,300 cannabis, psychedelics and drug policy bills in state legislatures and Congress this year. Patreon supporters pledging at least $25/month get access to our interactive maps, charts and hearing calendar so they don’t miss any developments. Learn more about our marijuana bill tracker and become a supporter on Patreon…

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Source : New Hampshire Lawmakers File Psilocybin And Broader Drug Decriminalization Bills For 2022

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