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Harmony e liquids are one of the leading brands of CBD products in Europe.

With a bold statement like “Europe’s finest creator of Hemp products” , i was quickly drawn to their products page and soon found my self with a Vaporiser ,some CBD crystals and three flavours of CBD oil infused e-liquids on my desk.
Impressed is not the word. I received a beautiful little trio of CBD eliquids with Lemon Haze,OG Kush and mango Kush flavours and a little cute box with 99% CBD crystals which according to their website you can eat ,vape,dabb or add to the e liquids. Nice!!!

A more detailed search online yielded some great results as i found out that  CBD crystals have a broad spectrum of uses, that for consumers include: mixing with your favourite e-liquid, mixing with food or drinks, dabbing on a nail mixing with a carrier oil or add it to a spliff.  It is important to remember to always mix crystals with fats since CBD crystals are not water soluble.

So whats the difference between the crystals and oil.? CBD Crystals are 99.9% pure so they are the purest form of CBD you can find. CBD oil is CBD extracts mixed with hemp seed oil, olive oil or other types of oil to facilitate ingestion.

And now for the fun part. Vaping the e liquids. I have to admit it took a while to work out my new vaporiser that came with the kit. I got an eGo AIO eliquid pen by Joyetech inluded in the kit(click here for more) which looks just like any other vape pen outhere so super discreet and perfect for incoscpicouous smoking in public. Anyway after about 5 minutes i had it all ready to go and was ready for my first hit of Lemon Haze.


Smoooooooth .. That’s all im going to say.

A very smooth, tasty, hempy ,lemony after taste and a vape cloud as thick as you can get. The vape cloud was quickly filling up the room and my lungs. I found out that shorter and more head puffs(like smoking a pipe) did the job better for me as i dont smoke tobacco. There is a great way of circulating the vape through the nose which makes the hemp flavour very prominent and helps it come out more intense.

The good thing about the flavours , is that  all three were so distinct with a very close terpene profile which gives them the subtle but distinguishable flavours.

Now the aftermath.

After a straight 5-6 pulls on the vape , i started feeling a very nice subtle relaxation kicking in as my body absorbed the CBD .

After about 15 minutes and a few more hits i was in a perfect state of relaxation without the head high. Very impressed. I haven’t even tried the 99% crystals.

Very soon i found my self adding small quantities of the crystal to the liquids and vaping the mixed solution. The strength and concentration depends on how much you add but soon you will know your own bodies needs .I can definetely say that the crystals make an amazing addition to the kit and really handy when you want to make a custom mix.

So what is are final thoughts on this products.? 

I personally think they really should be considered as a regular well being routine for anyone looking to benefit from the many positive effects of CBD intake for the body. I would also recomend for a THC “balancer” especially with some of the high THC strains out there with very little CBD content.

I will definetely make this part of my daily routine.

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More info about Harmony products here

We actually hooked up with Harmony at PEX17 at the House of vapes  and here is a short video of the stall

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