Celeb Stoner’s 2021 in Review: The Year in Cannabis


If you wish to re-publish this story please do so with following accreditation EDITOR: Heather Allman PUBLISHER: CANNABIS LAW REPORT     2021 in Review: The Year in Cannabis Author: Steve Bloom December 28, 2021 Sen. Chuck Schumer speaks to a crowd at the NYC Cannabis Parade & Rally on May 1, one month after the state legislature passed the Marijuana Regulation & Taxation Act January 4 – Steve DeAngleo splits from Harborside Health Center. 6 – On the day insurrectionists assaulted Congress, cannabis activists lit up in the Capitol. 11 – Pot prisoner Andrew Cox released in California. 12 – Dr. Carl Hart’s Drug Use for Grown-Ups book released. 20 – On his last day in office, Pres. Trump commutes the sentences of 12 pot prisoners. WEIRD NEWS: The Cocaine Hippos of Colombia 28 – Pot prisoner Michael Thompson released in Michigan. February 5 – What’s the deal with Delta-8 THC? 8 – TV travel host Rick Steves takes over as board chair at NORML. 8 – South Dakota judge overturns Amendment A adult-use initiative passed the previous November. 22 – Marijuana legalization in New Jersey, passed in 2020, becomes official. March 6 – Seth Rogen’s Houseplant launches in California. WEIRD NEWS: Elizabeth Banks to Helm “Cocaine Bear” Movie 13 – Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts says cannabis kills kids. 24 –White House staffers firedfor previous pot use. 25 – Live cannabis events start taking place again. 31 – New York State legalizes it! April 7 – Rapper Xhibit’s Napalm cannabis brand charged with being anti-Asian. 9 – Rep. Matt Gaetz and associates in the Florida cannabis industryimplicated in a wide-ranging scandal. 12 – New Mexico legalizes it! DEATH: Steve Fox 22 – Virginia legalizes it! 29 – Willie Nelson turns 88. May 1 – Sen. Chuck Schumer speaks at the NYC Cannabis Parade & Rally. DEATH: Fate Winslow 14 – Mississippi judge overturns MMJ Initiative 65 passed the previous November. 17 – Alabama legalizes medical marijuana! 19 – Florida court blocks Make It Legal adult-use campaign for 2022. 20 – Whoopi Goldberg…

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