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Most people drink their coffee black or with a splash of cream and sugar. But there are some people—for reasons both recreational as well as medical—who take their coffee with a dose of THC.

Brewbudz, a San Diego-based company committed to mixing caffeine and cannabis, has announced plans to launch coffee pods compatible with Keurig brewers.

As reported by Quartz, Brewbudz will become available in March. Consumers will be able to purchase K-cups with either regular or decaffeinated West Coast Roast, and hazelnut and French vanilla blends are also in the works. For hot beverage sippers who prefer cocoa or tea, Brewbudz also sells marijuana-infused hot chocolate and a “Breakfast Blend.”

Cannabis coffee, Brewbudz suggests, stands to be a healthy, socially acceptable alternative to smoking marijuana. It’s discreet and odorless, and can be transported as easily as you can bring a thermos of coffee with you on the subway.

Brewbudz will also have zero impact on drinkers’ lungs. Roasted beans and other non-toxic, biodegradable materials have been used in the actual packaging, making each pod 100 percent compostable.

At $7 each (that’s the price per cup of coffee) consumers can expect between 10 to 50 milligrams of THC, depending on whether or not the coffee is intended as a medical supplement. Admittedly, it’s unclear whether the unusual combination of marijuana and caffeine is meant to wake you up or mellow you out.

Making weed coffee a part of an a.m. ritual isn’t as unusual as it sounds. At the new marijuana-friendly Nativ Hotel in Colorado, an on-site coffee bar crafts CBD hemp oil-infused lattes for a jitter-free pick-me-up. Also on sale in the pot-friendly Centennial State are cans of Thai-style iced CBD coffee and CBD-infused coffee beans from Unseen Bean.

But if all this sounds a bit extreme, consider sticking to a more tame morning beverage, like the new hot baked apple latte at Starbucks.

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