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5 Australian Marijuana Stocks You Can Trade OTC | Seeking Alpha

47894070 1506351052997127As the marijuana industry has taken off on a worldwide scale, there are now cannabis-related stocks listed on a handful of exchanges around the globe.From the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange in Israel to the Frankfurt Börse in Germany, there are over 200 marijuana stocks listed around the world.When it comes to the land down under, we look to the Australian Securities Exchange, or ASX, to find the cannabis companies grabbing market share in Australia.

Since medical marijuana was rescheduled in 2016, Australia has been gaining popularity as a place for research and development in the cannabis space. With a population of over 24 million people, Australia represents a cannabis market over 4x the size of Colorado’s. If it’s any indication, the government of New South Wales, Australia has already set aside $9 million AUD to fund cannabis research, as reported by the Australian Cannabis Industry Association.

As you’ll see in our database of marijuana stocks listed on the ASX, there’s already 13+ different companies worth looking at, each with their own differentiating factors.

Every broker is different, but many have limited access to ASX-listed securities. This can make it extremely difficult for cannabis investors to tap into the high-growth Australian medical marijuana industry. With that said, there’s 5 marijuana stocks listed on the ASX that also have OTC listings. This means that most investors are able to access these companies through their online broker with ease.

Auscann Group Holdings Ltd. (OTC:OTCPK:ACNNF)

Auscann is one of the most well known Australian marijuana stocks due to the company’s partnership with Canadian Licensed Producer Canopy Growth Corp. (OTCPK:TWMJF). Back in July, Auscann announced that their strategic partner was granted one of few medicinal cannabis licenses and a research and development licenses from the Australian Office of Drug Control. In the business of cultivation and distribution, Auscann is actively pursuing partnerships and investment opportunities to capture market share in this high growth space.

Creso Pharma Ltd. (OTC:OTC:CRCPF)

Creso Pharma is a cannabinoid-focused researcher and developer of cannabis and hemp‐derived nutraceuticals and medical marijuana products with a broad range of applications for both human and animal health. This summer, Creso acquired Mernova Medicinal Inc., a Nova Scotia based late-stage applicant to become a Health Canada-licensed medical marijuana producer. This acquisition gave Creso direct access to the Canadian cannabis market, as opposed to partnering with an L.P. like Auscann did.

MGC Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (OTC:OTCPK:MGCLF)

MGC Pharma is a cannabidiol, a.k.a. CBD focused medical marijuana research and development company. Having partnered with RMIT, a Melbourne-based research university, MGC plans to become a leader in treatment options for patients seeking anti-inflammatory, anti-pain, anti-anxiety, anti-psychotic, and/or anti-spasm effects without any psychoactive effects. With an existing 1,000 sq. meter greenhouse in the Czech Republic housing over 470 cannabis plants, as well as a fully licensed cultivation facility in Slovenia, MGC is already positioning itself to be a worldwide leader in the space. Having raised an additional $10 million AUD earlier this year, the company plans to fast-track its positioning in the Australian and E.U. cannabis markets.

MMJ Phytotech Ltd. (OTC:OTC:MMJJF)

MMJ Phytotech is another well-known Australian cannabis stock due to its sale of United Greeneries Inc., a Health Canada Licensed Producer of medical marijuana, to Harvest One Cannabis Inc. (OTC:HRVOF) back in April in exchange for a 60% stake in Harvest One. Earlier in the year, MMJ announcedthat their Australian distribution partner, HL Pharma Pty Ltd., received approval for a medicinal cannabis importation license from the Department of Health. As the company says, “Perth-based MMJ PhytoTech Limited (ASX: MMJ) is focused on becoming a leading, large-scale cannabis producer, targeting direct supply to the growing Canadian medical and recreational markets.”


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