Pot to Be Sold in Ontario Government-Run Stores – High Times

TORONTO (AP) — Canada’s most populous province plans to sell marijuana in as many as 150 government-run stores run after the federal government legalizes recreational pot by July.

The government says marijuana will only be sold at pot-specific stores or a government-run website. It’s decided not to sell it through government-run alcohol stores.

The private marijuana dispensaries that have sprung up around the province will be illegal.

Attorney General Yasir Naqvi said Friday sale of marijuana will be restricted to those 19 and older.

Legalization would make Canada the second country to have nationwide legalization, after Uruguay.

Each province in Canada will come up with rules for the sale of recreational pot.

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  1. This is great news, I hope canada shares its information on cannabis
    With our country and state Missouri
    Wish it was made possible for educated individuals on cannabis to pursue a lucrative future in cannabis this would benefit the people a little better in my belief.

    • Some good research is about to blow our minds coming out of Canada. When legalisation of both recreational and medicinal cannabis becomes a reality for a country like Canada then the effects (true) and the possible (dangers(if any) and the quality can all be studied at a research level to obtain a model which will act as a guide for other countries .

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