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10 Reasons Why Weed Is So Much Better Than Booze

10 reasons why 3It should come as no surprise that alcohol is one of the most common vices. After all, you can get it just about anywhere. But that doesn’t make it safe, now does it? According to the 2015 NSDUH, 15.1 million adults ages 18 and up suffer from alcohol use disorder.

Despite this statistic, booze remains legal. Meanwhile, weed, which is far less dangerous than alcohol, is illegal on a federal level. Even in states where the herb is legal, it’s still under scrutiny, turning the focus away from the real problem. So, it’s time to put alcohol in the spotlight.

From being the fourth leading cause of death to its ability to destroy your brain, here are 10 reasons why weed is better than booze.


Source: 10 Reasons Why Weed Is So Much Better Than Booze

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